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Jaded / http://go.fc2.com/todiefor / webmistress, Maiko.

Todiefor / http://www.todiefor.ch / webmistress, Eos.

To/Die/For / http://www.todieforlove.com / webmaster, Jakob Lindström (official site)

Kaamosaika / http://www.kaamosaika.cjb.net / webmistress, Tina.

To/Die/For Russia / http://www.todieforlove.narod.ru / webmistress, Diabolica.

To/Die/For Brasil / http://www.todieforlove.cjb.net / webmaster, Neogoth.

To/Die/For/Chile / http://www.todieforchile.cjb.net / webmaster, Doom_Occulta.

To/Die/For Spanish Fan Club / http://www.todieforalleternity.tk / webmaster, DimmuTDF


Hateframe fansite by Tanya Nord

For My Pain Official french site

For My Pain Official site

Reflexion Official site

- Pixies french page:

- Nirvana french page:


Tonmi Lillman art site


Nuclear Blast

El Diablo (Band Pics)

Metal Kings English Webzine

Metal Kings Russian Webzine

MiLToS_666 page here

-Esotheric website