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News of the site :


- I know, i'm lazy and i don't give you recent news since a while, scuse me for that :p.

- Some news about the fourth TDF album are in news section, check that !!!

- Some news gigs are annouced !!!

- For the mexican pics, i'll see if i can do something tonight, i'm very busy :D ( me? a liar? :p )


- First, you can find some new pictures. Soon, I will add some Mexican tour pictures...

- I added two new items' page in Discography, the Vinyl version of All Eternity and an unofficial Best Of called "The Unknown II", you can find the covers of these two items.

- There's two new video in Media section, two songs' extracts (sorry, I couldn't find more...), from 2000 and 2001 Jörisrock festival. enjoy :)


- Pretty big update today, I updated GIgs Section, I added all Mary-Ann's lyrics, and I give you some new songs in Media section !

- Direct link towards the three Tiaga's songs

- Three songs that a lot of peoples never heard (It's A Sin, Behind These Walls and Passion Rules The Game)

- And an exclusive song, from the last To/Die/For's Demo, Chaotic Me (thank you Lluis !!)

Check Media section !!!


- I know there was no update, but i'm waiting for news of TDF, for the moment, you can find a little update in Band section.

- I'll add Mexico tour pics and Mary-Ann Lyrics very soon...


- You can find the mp3 of the video from Hirson festival, Hollow Heart.


- A New video available... it's Hollow Heart at Rotonde festival, in France, recorded last summer. Thx te Vassago from !!!!!


- Now there's a HateFrame section in this site, this section will be a site after sometimes normally. The Tiaga section will come soon too.


- There's a french version of the site now !!! click here


- First, HateFrame's demo songs are available here : HateFrame

of you want more information about HateFrame, go to News section.

- I added a new movie, Together Complete live at Lyon in France and all movies in Real Player Format, for lower connection. Normal movies haev changed too, they are in better quality.

- Soon, there wll be a french version of this site, an update of the Band section (with all the peoples who participated, who helped To/Die/For), more reviews, Lives report, Wallpapers, Covers, and, probably some midi files (maybe with tabs if i success). Just wait and see.

- For the moment, all information about HateFrame and Tiaga will be found here, but, after, I'll have to make two distincts sections about these two bands, and maybe two fan site :)


-You can find 3 Tiaga songs here : Tiaga songs

- And...... 4 Mary-Ann's First album soongs in the Media Section. (thank you Ritva :) )


- There's two screen savers in the misc section ;)


- I updated the Pictures section with promo pics... and the discography section.


- I added 20 new pics taken at kori roll by Jukka (Lacrimarum) thx to him


- Hollow Heart video is now available in mpg format in Media section ;-)

The last one and *.ra version will come soon !


- Joonas gave me the autorization for uploading the live in Paris at "La Loco" in 2000 on this site (thx again), the live where Tonmi plays without pants (!!). Go to Media section if you want to download this live.


- Some Videos are online, only for fast connections, I'll probably put the real player files another day, go to media section for find these videos.

- I added "Dying Embers" from Spinefarm Spring Sampler 2003. This song is the same than Dying Embers but with a longest intro.


- I added 15 new pics taken (not by me) at Hirson in France during the Rotonde Festival (1st June). You can see these pics in page 10 and 11 in pictures section.


- All apologies for this late but I was in Exam during the last month. Now, I'm back !

- With the very nice help of MiLToS_666, I added many covers in discography section.


- Discography and links section updated.

- I added 30 new pics.


- 6 new skins again. I think these skins are the last. If I find more pics I'll made others ;-)

- Band section updated.


- I just added 12 new Winamp Skins made by me.


- I added the Japanese cover of Epilogue (thanks Maiko), one winamp skins, 7 wallpapers, a review of Jaded and The Rotonde Festival in Gigs section.


- Spineless Lyrics are online, so the song too ;-) Maybe the band will request that I remove this song... For the moment, just see in media section ;-)


- I've finally bought Jaded, thee, you can find the lyrics and the cover. enjoy ;-)


- In The Heat Of The Night single cover is available.

- See the news section for see a " fuckin' " french review of Jaded.


- I added the covers of Epilogue and All Eternity promo version.

- Sorry for jaded cover but Jaded is not released in my store, so bad !!


- Now, you can post message on my guest book ! here or in the left frame. Sorry but it's in french, don't worry, it's easy to understand ;-)

- You can download the Together Complete live at Lyon in mp3 format, see media section.


- I forget, all Mary-Ann Deeper Sin covers is available (Thank you Kris)

- Gigs section is updated..... (so bad)

- I added the link to Together Complete Demo Version.

- Jaded front cover is now available in good format !!!! thx eos !


- Sorry for this newsless and upgradeless (sorry for all the stranges words who run in my fu**ing french brain) time (10 or 11 days !! WHOW) but i don't have an illimited surfing time. But nevermind, now I'm back whith a lot of pics.

- Always in Misc section (Pictures), I added 47 new pictures. All from the Metalkings web site. A very big thanks to Metalking and Rag Doll who give me his (or her) autorization.

- I added 4 pics but I don't remember where I found them. It's why I allow myself to put them here. If the autor can contact me for a real autorization, it will be cool. Thx.

- Now, you can find 112 pics !

- Credits and Links pages are updated.


- I added the Unblack pictures (20 pics) to Pics Section (thx you Unblack). Now, there is 61 pics in this site ! A lot will come soon.


- The Misc section is now opened. For the moment, you can find the Tonni Salminen pictures and few lyrics.


- The Gigs section is opened and updated.

- I added Jaded to the Discography and prepare Media Section. I put online Deeper Sin , the Mary-Ann Ep. If the Band wants i remove these songs, I will understand.

- Links and credits are opened.



- The forum is now open !! I hope you will help me for this site, I rely on you !!! Escuse me for the color of the forum but for the moment, I don't know how to change the colour. Let's go To/Di/For Fan !!

- If Tonmi read this, I think I maked again a mistakes about Mary-Ann. I will correct this soon.


- I Added A Tribute To The Scorpions in the Discography Section and corrected the Mary-Ann biography with the nice help of Tonmi (thanks again !)


Farewell guys, Mikko.

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